Bite Blotter

Public safety is a top priority for us, and we work diligently to ensure dangerous domestic animals are kept from harming other animals and people. Our Animal Law Enforcement officers responded to more than 2,300 calls about aggressive domestic pets in El Paso and Pueblo Counties last year -- that's about six calls every day. Many other bites go unreported. Below is just a sampling of moderate to fatal dog bite reports this year. Every report of a potential dangerous animal is investigated and appropriate action is taken to best resolve each situation.

To report a dangerous/aggressive animal situation involving a domestic pet, call Animal Law Enforcement at 719.302.8798, or call 911. If you are active military, contact law enforcement on your base/post. All bites, including encounters with wildlife, must be reported to the health department, even if Animal Law Enforcement isn't involved:

El Paso County Health Department

Pueblo County Health Department

We use the following information to categorize the severity of animal bites:

ModerateOne deep puncture, multiple moderately deep punctures and/or lacerations
SevereMultiple punctures and/or lacerations, deep gashes, damage resulting in serious bodily injury or permanent disfigurement
FatalResulting in the death of a domestic animal or human

Click here for some basic things you can do to help keep you and your pet safe and prevent a bite from happening.

Animal Sex Animal Type Date Sort ascending Severity Victim Victim Age Wound Location Prior Bite History Spayed / Neutered ZIP Code
More Female DOG 01/21/23 Moderate Person 8 LEFT EYE Yes No 81007
More Female DOG 01/20/23 Moderate Person 42 LEFT HAND No 80909
More Male DOG 01/20/23 Moderate Person 18 HAND No Yes 80917
More Male DOG 01/14/23 Moderate Dog 13 LEG No No 80916
More Male DOG 01/14/23 Fatal Dog ABDOMEN No No 80951
More Male DOG 01/12/23 Moderate Person 21 HEAD Yes 80906
More Male DOG 01/11/23 Moderate Dog 1 HEAD Yes 80908
More Male DOG 01/09/23 Fatal Dog 6 STOMACH Yes 80925
More Male DOG 01/09/23 Moderate Person 36 LEGS No 81001
More Female DOG 01/09/23 Fatal Dog 6 STOMACH Yes 80925
More Male DOG 01/09/23 Severe Person 28 LEFT HAND Yes No 80909
More Male DOG 01/08/23 Moderate Dog 3 LEG No Yes 80923
More Female DOG 01/07/23 Fatal Dog 7 ALL OVER No Yes 80910
More Male DOG 01/07/23 Moderate Person 28 ARM/HAND No 80907
More Male DOG 01/06/23 Fatal Dog 6 GROIN No 80909
More Male DOG 01/05/23 Severe Person 2 ALL OVER No 81003
More Female DOG 01/04/23 Moderate Person 67 RIGHT LEG No Yes 80831