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Hi there, I'm Tj

Domestic sh
Neutered Male
Brn tiger
Colorado Springs
Pet ID
7 years
Adoption Fee
Get to know me

I am a neutered male, brown tiger Domestic Shorthair. I am not declawed. TJ is a wonderful cat and would make an excellent addition to anyones home. TJ is a kitten at heart and that playful attitude shines through once he feels comfortable with you and his surroundings. He loves chasing his toys around the house and wrestling with a small pillow. We've developed a routine where I get my first cup of coffee in the morning and drag a toy behind me and he chases it all over the house. TJ is not a lap cat if that's what you are looking for but he does want to be in the same room with you, perched in a window sill if possible. He will follow you from room to room and doesn't necessarily want to be in the middle of everything but wants to be close by. TJ loves attention, he wants to be petted and rub up against you. I sit with him downstairs on my rug and he curls up next to my leg all the time. I also placed a cat bed at the foot of my bed and he sleeps there all night sometimes hopping out and curling up next to my leg. When TJ first moved in he was a little nervous. He still enjoyed attention and playing but for the first two weeks his safe spot was under my bed and he would retreat there when I was gone or for one of his many naps. He was also talkative at first, if I went downstairs he might meow or late at night if he was hungry. Now that he's settled I rarely hear a peep out of him and he hangs out in every room upstairs and down and now his favorite spot is curled up on the foot of bed waiting for me to get home. Please contact TJ's foster dad, Patrick, at 404-772-8449 (text) to inquire about TJ or set up a visit. Please allow up to 24 hours for Patrick to respond.

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