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Hi there, I'm Clay Morrow

Clay Morrow
Domestic lh
Neutered Male
Colorado Springs
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4 months
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I am a neutered male, black Domestic Longhair. Clay Morrow is a special kitten looking for a special family! He has been in foster care where he has received extensive treatment for repeat upper respiratory infections along with inflammation of the eyes. Based on these concerns, we suspect that he has Feline Herpes Virus (FHV). This virus is present for life and can lead to flare ups (sneezing, congestion, nasal or eye discharge). Flare ups are most commonly seen during stressful times (moves, changes in the household, new pets/people, etc). A large number of cats have FHV and many do well lifelong. Some do have more common flare ups than others. The best thing you can provide to help with FHV is a low stress environment. Additionally, he has scarring on his right eye that is likely permanent. He still appears to be able to see out of this eye and it is not infected or painful at this time. My foster family says this about Clay: Clay may look like a tough kitten who has had a rough go but only half of that is true. Things didn't start out super easy for him as he came to our house with upper repsoratory infection and gnarly eye infections. This super sweet boy did well in his recovery. Clay loves to chat and loves to be with people even more than that. He does have a fun, playful side as well. Currently lives with dogs (small and large) and cats in his foster home. Due to restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to visit one another prior to adoption. It's a lot of stress on Clay to be transported back and forth to the shelter for visits, which makes him more susceptible to having a flare-up. We want him to be healthy for your new life together! Please contact Clay's foster parents, Allison & Joshua, at [email protected] to inquire about Clay or to proceed with adoption. Please allow up to 24 hours for Allison & Joshua to respond.

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