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Hi there, I'm Lolli

Domestic lh
Spayed Female
Pet ID
3 years
Adoption Fee
Get to know me

I am a spayed female, tortie Domestic Longhair. I am not declawed. Hello, I'm Lolli! I'm a gentle soul, filled with sweetness, just like a lollipop. I may not enjoy being lifted off the ground, but that doesn't mean I don't love affection. I'm mellow, so I won't cause much fuss. I'll sit by your side, purring in contentment, while you're reading or watching TV. I'm cuddly, so a soft blanket on your lap is my favorite place to be. I'm friendly, so I'll greet you every day with a soft meow and a rub against your leg. I'm sweet, so I'll bring warmth and love into your home. I'm Lolli, and I promise to be the gentle, loving companion you need. So, why should you adopt me? Because every home needs a Lolli to make life a little sweeter.

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