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Hi there, I'm Lois

Domestic lh
Spayed Female
Tortie and White
Pet ID
8 years
Adoption Fee
Get to know me

I am a spayed female, tortie and white Domestic Longhair. My front feet are declawed. Greetings, I'm Lois, your friendly feline superhero. My tale? Ah, it's one for the comic books. I used to run a bustling business, a cozy bookstore, where I was the heart and soul. Then, an evil tycoon threatened to bulldoze it for a parking lot. I fought valiantly, using my powers of persuasion and purring, but alas, the tycoon had earplugs. Now, I'm here, still as sweet, gentle, and mellow as ever. I may not have my bookstore, but I have a heart full of love and loyalty to give. If you're looking for a cuddly companion who will stick by your side, I'm your cat. Let's write our superhero story together.

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