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Hi there, I'm Big Boy

Big Boy
Domestic sh
Neutered Male
Brn tabby
Pet ID
1 year
Adoption Fee
Get to know me

I am a neutered male, brown tabby Domestic Shorthair. I am not declawed. Well, hello there! I'm Big Boy, a connoisseur of all things feline and friendly. My journey to this shelter? Now, that's a tale. You see, I used to live in a cat colony, quite the socialite, I was. One day, chasing an imaginary mouse, I ended up injured. No heroics, just cat-antics! Luckily, the shelter folks scooped me up, and here I am, as brave and loyal as ever. I'm smart too, can solve a puzzle faster than you can open a tuna can! Now, wouldn't you want a cat like me in your life, full of stories and always ready for a cuddle? My colony manager has also paid your adoption fee!

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